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Struggling with a CPAP hose?

Use the CHRALS S12 to gently suspend the hose and improve sleep.

  • Lifts CPAP hose gently above you as you sleep

  • Provides a very light pull or push on your mask using adjustable hose lift tension

  • Magnetically latched vertical hose storage position

  • Compatible with all CPAP hoses, covers, and oxygen tubing

  • Mounts at bedside near pillow


CHRALS S12 hose lift is sized to fit most beds


The unique rotary arm quietly moves the hanging hose up and down to accommodate mask movement and keep the hose out-of-the-way.



Do you wake up when your CPAP hose pulls on your mask, gets tangled, or rubs across your body? The CHRALS S12 hose lift can solve these problems by gently suspending the hose above you. The unique rotary arm quietly moves the hanging hose up and down as you turn to eliminate slack and keep it out-of-the-way, so your sleep is not disturbed.

The CHRALS S12 hose lift provides a very light pull or push on your mask using adjustable hose lift tension. It also optimizes hanging hose angle (head-to-foot of bed) using adjustable hose twist force.

This CPAP hose holder mounts at the side of the bed near the pillow and allows mask-to-hose connection movement in an area of about 3 feet from side of the bed and 2 feet from head of the bed. The mattress mount base is inserted between the mattress and foundation. The mattress mount can be used if a side board does not block access and the mattress height above floor is 17" or more. The height of the rotary arm is adjustable to accommodate mattresses up to 17” thick.

The magnetically latched storage position holds the hose vertically near the side of the bed, so it is out-of-the-way and aids in the draining of any moisture build-up. The hose is secured by three rubber lined hose clamps.

The unit can be hidden during the day by unscrewing a knob and lifting the unit to store under the pillow.

This product is designed and hand built in the USA. The primary parts are made of brushed aluminum and unpainted solid poplar wood.

Product requires assembly. Assembly time is approximately 10 minutes.

Hose is not included. A standard 6 foot length hose is long enough to reach your CPAP machine on a night stand close to the bed.

How it works

The CHRALS S12 lifts the CPAP mask hose with a rotary arm that consists of a slide mounted adjustable counterweight and a wood dowel with a hose hanging clamp at the end. The arm pivots horizontally and vertically in a pivot bracket on two nylon sleeve bearings. The pivot bracket is supported about 18” above the side of the bed on a vertical support dowel. As the sleeper moves side-to-side or head-to-foot on the bed, the arm moves to keep the hose above the sleeper's head with light tension on the mask.

The counterweight is heavy on one end and can be inverted to accommodate either a thin 15 mm hose or a standard 19 mm hose. This increases the hose lift as the arm moves from horizontal to vertical to optimize the hose lift for the back and side sleeping positions and compensates for the bending hose stiffness near the pivot.

The pivot bracket and bottom hose clamps hold the hose to allow adjustable hose twist force to optimize the hanging hose angle (head-to-foot of bed) and reduce tension on the mask. This feature accommodates many different types of masks. A stop screw limits the horizontal arm swing to +/- 25 degrees.

A base mount holds the vertical support dowel for the arm pivot and is mounted under the mattress. The height of the vertical support dowel can be adjusted to position the arm pivot to about 18" above the mattress. When not in use, the rotary arm is moved to a magnetically latched vertical storage position.

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