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  • What makes this product unique?
    It is the only CPAP hose lift system on the market to offer adjustable hose lift tension to remove hose slack with a very light pull or push on the mask. It also uses hose twist force to gently optimize the hanging hose angle head-to-foot of bed. The vertical storage position lets the hose hang out-of-the-way vertically above the side of the bed during the day. The design is so unique it is patented (US 10,422,445).
  • What length hose is recommended?
    If your mask uses a short flex hose which extends the total hose length, a 6 foot hose length should work fine if the CPAP machine sits on a nightstand or on an under-the-mattress support table. However, if your mask does not use a flex hose, a 6 foot main hose extends only about 10" from the hose clamp. This should be just enough to reach the CPAP machine on a nightstand but not an under-the-mattress support table. A short extension hose plus coupler or 8 foot long hose can be used to extend reach to your CPAP machine. If using a heated hose, add a short extension hose plus coupler between your mask and the main hose.
  • What are the advantages of this product over the lower cost, vertical metal post swivel hose holders?
    1. There is no slack in the back sleeping position so the hose will not rub on sleeper's head. 2. The lift tension can be adjusted to provide less than 10 grams of hose force on the mask in the back sleeping position (15 mm hose). 3. The vertical storage position lets the hose hang out of the way vertically above the side of the bed during the day. 4. The unit can be easily removed and hidden under the pillow during the day. 5. The wood base is 16 inches long and will not slip out from under the mattress. 6. Side of bed vertical support dowel will not bump against a headboard.
  • What CPAP setup would allow the most freedom of motion during sleep including rolling over in one direction and sleeping on your stomach?
    Use the CHRALS S12 with a thin 15 mm hose (if compatible with CPAP machine) connected to a mask providing a top-of-head hose connection that swivels. This provides a CPAP sleep experience that is most like sleeping without a hose connected to your mask.
  • Can I hide the unit during the day?
    Yes. Simply loosen the dowel coupler knob, lift up the support dowel with hose still attached, and lay unit flat on bed. Cover with pillow and bed spread.
  • Does the unit make any noises during sleeper movements?
    The unit is very quiet in operation. The rotary arm pivot uses two nylon sleeve bearings and there is a felt pad to stop the arm in the horizontal position. In some cases, "squeaking" may be heard from the plastic swivel at the mask or at the short flex hose to standard hose connection as it rotates when the sleeper moves.
  • Can the unit be used on either the right or left side of the bed?
    Yes. The User manual is written so the instructions apply for installing on either side of the bed.
  • Will I be able to change my mask cushion less often using the CHRALS S12?
    Possibly since there is less pull or push on the mask from the hose during sleep movements, an older cushion seal is less likely to leak air.
  • Where should the base board be slipped under the mattress?
    The base board is typically placed under the side of the mattress about 10" from the head of the bed.
  • Can I sleep in the middle of a king or queen size bed?
    No. The rotary arm movement only covers an area from the side of the bed to about 3 feet toward the center
  • Will this unit work on an inclined bed?
    This unit is not recommended for use on an inclined bed. However, if the bed angle is very slight (3 degrees or less) and the base fits under the mattress then it will work.
  • Is the unit portable?
    Not really. The weight (1.8 lbs) and max length of the disassembled pieces (17") makes portability inconvenient. However, the disassembled pieces will fit in most carry-on luggage. The unit was designed to provide the best sleeping experience possible without compromising for portability.
  • Can I use this unit with oxygen tubing?
    Yes the unit can be adapted to gently lift oxygen tubing above you as you sleep. Special instructions for oxygen tubing use are included in the User manual. The mask or cannula and about 7 feet of tubing should be dedicated for sleeping only, to avoid having to attach/remove the tubing on three clamps every day.
  • How does this unit work with the hose bends due to packaging?
    The unit is designed to work with hose package bends since most hoses will have them. A thin 15 mm hose is typically more flexible than a standard 19 mm hose and is recommended if compatible with your CPAP machine.
  • How far does the counterweight arm stick out? Will it hit the lamp on my nightstand?
    The counterweight arm extends about 10 inches to the side of the vertical support dowel in a direction away from the bed side. In most cases it will not hit a lamp in the middle of a nightstand.
  • Will the vertical support dowel block access to my nightstand?
    There will be some blockage when you reach for an item on the nightstand, however, the dowel plus hose is only 2" wide so it is not difficult to reach around it.
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